Top Facebook Groups in Malaysia To Boost Your Health, Fitness and Beauty Biz Online

Top Facebook Groups in Malaysia To Boost Your Health, Fitness and Beauty Biz Online

1. All except 5 of these 112 Top Facebook Groups in Malaysia are operated by Malaysians for Malaysians.

2. These Malaysian Facebook Groups are selected for the marketing of your Health, Fitness and Beauty businesses in Malaysia.

3. You can sharply target your marketing on the Malaysian members in these Facebook Groups who are interested in the fields of Health, Fitness and Beauty.

4. We are not just confine our targeted prospects active in the Health, Fitness and Beauty areas. We have also selected top Facebook Groups in related well defined areas.

5. The related Facebook Groups are in these areas: Mothers, Business Networking, Expats, Specific Locations, Jobs, Wedding and other generic areas.

6. All your postings in the Facebook Groups would reach 100% of the members. However, in Facebook Pages, Facebook only allow 1 to 6% of your fans to see your postings.

7. If you like to build your Facebook Group for your business, you can join these Facebook Groups to learn and gather some good marketing ideas from them.

8. There are 8 location specific Facebook Groups that would allow you to sharply focus your marketing to your local area. For example, there is a Facebook Group for Taman Tun (TTDI) area. You can join and be active there if your focused area is in Taman Tun.

9. There are 8 Facebook Groups that cater for the special needs of women and mothers. These are very focused groups if these fit well into your marketing.

10. There are 17 Facebook Groups in the Digital Marketing, Online Advertising and Buy and Sell areas. These groups can boost your online presence and let more people know about your business.

Top 112 Malaysian Facebook Groups

1. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Health

1.1. Body and Mind.

Closed Facebook Group. 5,989 Members
This group focuses on how the mind and body are interrelated in making you healthy.

1.2. QHealth: Vitality for Life.

Public Facebook Group. 2,181 Members.
This is a health and nutrition focused group.

1.3. Wellness Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 1,603 Members
Wellness Malaysia is aimed at bringing all Malaysian that are into Health & Wellness. Agencies, Companies,Sports Club, Studios, Spas, Ayurveda centres and everyone of you are welcome to share.

1.4. Health And Wellness Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 847 Members

1.5. Body Mind Spirit Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group.598 Members.
The Intention to set this up is to bring all Holistic Health, New Age Healing Store, Meditation Center, Organic Health Food Store or anything interesting that support the growth of Body Mind Spirit for Malaysians in Malaysia.

1.6. Health is Wealth

Public Facebook Group. 341 Members.
Are you planning to slim down, improve your health by maintaining a healthy life, then this is the right group for you.

Resources for Facebook Group: Worldwide Membership

1.7. Health and Beauty Tips.

Public Facebook Group. 42,705 Members.

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2. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Nutrition

2.1. Love Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic.

Closed Facebook Group. 9,619 Members.

2.2. The Diet Club.

Closed Facebook Group. 4,981 Members

2.3. Vegetarian & Health Food Club.

Public Facebook Group. 4,017 Members

2.4. Free Natural Holistic Information.

Public Facebook Group. 1,406 members.
Provide Free Nature Health Information to All. NO PROFIT PURPOSE. Working a Health lifestyle with Exercises, Nature herbs, foods!!!! Welcome all care to share information

2.5. Eat 2 Lose Weight, Gain Health Club.

Public Facebook Group. 1.287 Members.
Our main objective is to get our body, mind and spirit healthy and if your goal goal is to lose weight by not subjecting yourself to the DIE-T tortures, this is the ideal concept!

2.6. Raw Organic Jungle Honey

Public Facebook Group. 882 Members.

2.7. Malaysia Fitness and Nutrition Chit Chat Club

Public Facebook Group. 842 Members.
This group is created for all Malaysians to share their experiences, tips and advice on fitness and nutrition.

2.8. Vegans & Vegetarians World

Public Facebook Group. 644 Members

2.9. Love Healing Foods

Public Facebook Group. 420 Members
The HEALING Movement.
This group is created specially for us all to SHARE wonderful information about FOODS that HEAL our bodies.
Even if you stumble upon foods that would prevent our bodies from enjoying wellness, please share them so that we LEARN and BENEFIT from your sharing

Market Malaysia Grand Opening Event Oct 2017. Image size:1280x1704px

3. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Food

3.1. Food Bloggers and Foodies United.

Closed Facebook Group. 47,587 Members.
A Group Created For All Food Bloggers to Post Their Recent Publications and Sharing with Foodies Their Cooking Knowledge and Adventures.

A Group Created for All Foodies to Seek New Recipes and Request For Recipes. Therefore.... It Is A Party For All Food Bloggers and Foodies Meet To Share, Communicate and Exchange.. Irregardless of Nationality, Race and Religion.

3.2. Raw Food Today

Public Facebook Group. 16,408 Members.
The No 1 Raw Food Group in Malaysia!
This group is designed to support and encourage people to eat better, more healthful food, more raw food.

3.3. Happy Home Meals with Mandy

Closed Facebook Group. 9.986 Members
All of us eat 3 times a day, everyday of our lives. Due to busy lifestyle, many have opted to eat out rather than cooking at home, spending money on restaurants, cafes, take out or fast food will surely burden the wallet yet jeopardize our health in a long run.

Cooking or baking at home is not a rocket science, It's all about organizing, planning and passion. Together with me, step by step, learn cooking, baking and have fun!!!

3.4. Food Glorious Food

Public Facebook Group. 5,246 Members

4 Facebook Groups for Fitness

4.1. KLCC Runners Group.

Public Facebook Group. 18,479 members
KLCC Runners Group is a FREE community based (like a big family) running group on Facebook, we have weekly events which include group runs on 1st or 3rd Sunday every month during KL CarFree Sunday in Kuala Lumpur (7km).

We also organise weekly events for our members which include: Pose Method Running Clinics (by certified trainers), Integrated Yoga (designed for runners), HiiT Training Program designed to increase core strength, running workshops which explain how to run injury free and faster.

4.2. Running Kaki Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 16,740 Members.

4.3. Ultra Running - Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 3,183 Members.
Ultra Running Community
Objective of this group is all about extreme sport event information & sharing. Such as: Ultra Run / Walk / Swim / Ride / Endurance Races & etc... Beyond the distance.

4.4. Zumba Fitness Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 10,820 Members

4.5. Cycling Kuala Lumpur, Bicycle Map Project.

Public Facebook Group. 9,211 Members
This project has been a design exercise & cycling campaign, supporting and advocating on so many fronts.

We have made the utmost effort to involve traditional trades & crafts and be as environmentally friendly as possible. This first print-run is sponsored and printed by Art Printing Works on old-paper stock.

4.6. Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 7,719 Members.
This group originated from the Pacesetters Athletic Club but has since remodeled into a public running forum to allow runners to post information of relevance to the running fraternity.

4.7 Malaysia Supplements Fitness Gym Store.

Public Facebook Group. 3,351 Members.

4.8. Fitness First Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 2,414 Members.
Fitness First Malaysia. Group Exercise Community
(Les Mills & Freestyle Enthusiast)

4.9. Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 1,492 Members.
A group for Celebrity Fitness members, instructors, staff and anyone who wish to know and get some advice from the member here before joining Celebrity Fitness.

4.10. Fitness Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 245 Members.
Welcome to Fitness Malaysia, let's share opinions and views on your favorite sports and fitness, you can also promote your favorite sports, attractive location for recreation & sports, gymnasiums, fitness & health centres, equipments, supplements, food and nutrition practices and more here. Thank you. Go Work Out!

4.11. Gym Supplement Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 2,203 Members
Gym Supplement for sell Inside Malaysia Only ..!!
Here u will find all supplement dealer's around Malaysia ( very trusted Dealer's depend on me and many other customers review's ).

In case if any scamming attempt. Please do let us know. All original and imported from U.S.A

4.12. iYoga 爱瑜伽.

Public Facebook Group. 469 Members.

4.13. Fit & Fab Group (Health & Fitness).

Closed Facebook Group. 456 Members.
Created by women for women only group, Fit & Fab is all about inspiring wellness together.

This is a positive and supportive place where we connect,share knowledge, inspire and be inspired with each other's health and wellness journey.

5. Facebook Groups for Beauty

5.1. Beauty Products in Malaysia. 大马美容产品王.

Public Facebook Group. 3,812 Members.

5.2. Beauty Bloggers Malaysia (Butterfly Project).

Closed Facebook Group. 2,356 Members.
Rules of the official group page for The Butterfly Project Malaysia:
We share our reviews, tips, latest news related to all things girls love to do. The Butterfly Project would like to advise that young, new, or experience bloggers do not jump into any reviews without first making sure it is from a legitimate company / brand.

The internet may look safe, but wolves are prowling around and we do not want to see anyone's safety compromise

5.3. Malaysia Beauty Scene.

Public Facebook Group. 1,756 Members.
Share any beauty related news happening in Malaysia.
Activities to be promoted: Sales, New brands.,Complaints on sales assistance, Recommend sales assistance, Recommend products, Bad products, Swap product and Shopping service.

5.4. Malaysia Beauty & Cosmetics.

Public Facebook Group. 1,217 Members.
To do your advertising over the group, all you do is just ADD 50 people to the group, Or " pay a one-time fee of RM50 Advertising Fee than write a DONE on Comment and LIKE five of my pages (you can get the link below) and you will have the opportunity to do your unlimited advertising forever... Good day!

6. Facebook Groups for Skincare

6.1. Preloved Makeup And Skin Care (Malaysia).

Closed Facebook Group. 46,276 Members.
Please follow the Rules and Regulations of this pre-loved group before you sell items here.
ONLY COSMETICS/SKIN CARE/BEAUTY TOOLS or anything that related to beauty it's allowed

6.2. Skincare KL: Online Directory for Skincare in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 2,426 Members
The Facebook Group of Skincare KL Qpages: Online Directory for Skincare, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6.3. ELORA.

Public Facebook Group. 2,514 Members.
Welcome to the (ladies heaven beauty shop), if you have any questions or to order, can be comment in the facebook inlbox, email or sms to us

7. Facebook Groups for Lose Weight

7.1. Penang - How to Lose Weight and Keep Fit.

Public Facebook Group. 5,550 Mmebers.
Learn tips and tricks on how to lose weight and keep staying fit! This group is suitable for people who are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and exercise regularly.

8. Facebook Groups for Health Spa and Massage

8.1. DC Wellness Sanctuary.

Closed Facebook Group. 2,465 Members.

8.2. SPA Therapist Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 290 Members.
the SPA THERAPIST MALAYSIA.. Share knowledge of Spa & Wellness Development, and job opportunities

Web Resources for Spa Therapists

8.3. Spa Therapists of the world.

Public Facebook Group. 22,105 Members.
Join this group and share your spa work experience, network and make friends from around the globe.
The Spa and Wellness industry continues to grow and creates new opportunities to learn, travel and grow.

Facebook Groups for Massage

8.4. Malaysia Massage.

Public Facebook Group. 11,718 Members.
This group is designed to answer all your questions about anything and everything that has to do with massage.

8.5. Massage Exchange M2M ( Malaysia )

Public Facebook Group. 3,773 Members
Find massage partners to trade for free massage! Enjoys giving & receiving good massages. Amateur massage exchange group.
Friend for free massage exchange.

9. Facebook Groups for Women and Mothers.

9.1. Mummies Discussion Group.

Closed Facebook Group. 16.560 Members
Dear members, this closed group is made for female only, please take note. Mummies are allow to post questions and discussion topic related to parenting...
Any selling, or advertising is not allowed. Admin have the rights to delete or block you without giving any notice to you.

9.2. Women Entrepreneurs Club.

Public Facebook Group. 10,137 Members.

9.3. Malaysian Moms Start Up & Business.

Closed Facebook Group. 2,329 Members.
Malaysian Moms Start Up & Business is set up by the founder of to connect Moms who currently exploring options to leave job to start up a new venture, just started off a new business or currently running a business.

It's basically a support group for Moms simply because we understand how challenging and lonely it is sometimes when pursuing our passion & life long dream.

9.5. WINGS - Women In Networking, Growing and Sharing.

Closed Facebook Group. 10,880 Members.
WINGS - Women In Networking, Growing & Sharing...
This platform is for all women - Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Sisters and Grandmothers. We empower and lift each other up, and give each other WINGS to fly high.

We support each other in many ways - buying, selling, networking, sharing, helping, and providing endless opportunities to each other.

9.6. Mommy & Women- Vendors/Sellers/Buyers.

Public Facebook Group. 2,905 Members.
This is a support group designed for Stay At Home, Working Mom.
Feel free to promote , share and discuss about anything that you feel is necessary whether its in regards to your child, your home or work. We are all here to share , care and inspire.

This group objective is to create a powerful platform where all women can join together and deliver great events.

9.7. Market Place To Support Mummies - Selling & Buying.

Closed Facebook Group. 12,620 Members
This is a platform that support mothers that wishes to make a small income for themselves, for their families. This is a support group that aims to grow organically by mothers, eg FTWMs who are either successful in business or their field of expertise to give advice and tips to members or any members, eg SAHMs trying to make extra income.

This is a group owned by mothers. So please be nice to each other. Show empathy. We (ok most of us) may be clueless on what’s empathy and common sense, so please read more on group rules, common sense etc.

9.8. JOBS for Caring Moms MALAYSIA - Babysitter, Tutor, Daycare.

Public Facebook Group. 57,342 Members.
Many Stay At Home Moms are very resourceful and skillful at what they do, juggling kids, work part time, and managing the home. Many are also looking to supplement the income.

This group aims to connect the Stay At Home Moms and the Full Time Working Moms with the hope they can work together, bringing up children, with peace of mind, hassle free in a nice home environment.

If you are a service provider, feel free to advertise your service.
- Babysitting.
- Daycare.
- Tuition.
- Personal Shopper.
- School Transporter.

10. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Expat

10.1. KL Expat Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 25,175 Members.
KL Expat Malaysia
Welcome to KL Expat Malaysia, the gateway to connect to expatriates living in Malaysia.
Bored of hanging around the same group of friends?

Want to broaden your network for business purposes? Moving to Kuala Lumpur all by yourself?
Or, just simply wanting to meet a fresh new face?
We're here to help you network with all expatriates, whether you've been "seasoned" in Kuala Lumpur, or new in town.

10.2. Kuala Lumpur Expats.

Closed Facebook Group. 22,526 Members.
A group for all expats in Kuala Lumpur either future, present or past.
Anyone new to Malaysia or thinking of coming here, feel free to post questions

11. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Locations and Areas.

11.1. TTDI.

Closed Facebook Group. 14,682 Members
The one and only Taman Tun. Not Taman Tun Razak in Ampang, not TTDI Jaya in Shah Alam, but THE Taman Tun that was named after the late Tun Dr Ismail, DPM to Tun Razak in the late 1960s / early 1970s.

All the roads in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail are named after prominent Malaysian leaders and nationalists.

11.2. The Republic of Bangsar #TROB.

Public Facebook Group. 9,858 Members.

11.3. Selayang/Rawang/Batu Caves/Gombak Group.

Public Facebook Group. 89,110 Members.

11.4. Puchong Preloved.

Closed Facebook Group. 10,987 Members.
Sell your Preloved items here.
A one stop place where Puchong residents can BUY & SELL preloved items online.

11.5. Cyberjaya Market Place.

Public Facebook Group. 8,547 Members.

11.6. Preloved & New Items Sale KL & Selangor.

Closed Facebook Group. 41,898 Members.

11.7. Shah Alam Business & Services.

Public Facebook Group. 35,377 Mmebers.

11.8. Niaga Batu Pahat Parit Raja Air Hitam, Johor

Public Facebook Group. 17,503 Members.

12. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Jobs

12.1. Malaysia Hair & Beauty Saloon Job Vacancy 马来西亚美发美容工作介绍.

Public Facebook Group. 4,523 Mewmbers.

12.2. Full & Part Time Job , Freelancer - Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 8,698 Members.

12.4. Promoter full time and part time job.

Public Facebook Group. 19,871 Members.

12.5. Promoter, Freelancer and Partimer needed in Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 34,990 Members

12.6. Events Promoters Needed.

Public Facebook Group. 63,028 Members

12.7. Recruitment & Job Wanted.

Public Facebook Group. 48,737 Members

12.8. Part Time and Freelance Job In Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 31,365 Members.

13. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Freelancer

13.1. Freelancers Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 31,273 Members.
This group is now 17 years old. Started off in Friendster and have been servicing people from the freelance or part time industry for over a decade now.

I think the market is actively seeking talented individuals who is looking for part time/full time jobs. For marketers, writers, photographers, talents, students, freelancers, promoters and models..... there will be job opportunities here....

14. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Digital Marketing

14.1. Social Media + Bloggers Community.

Public Facebook Group. 17,193 Members.
A place where bloggers, Youtubers, Facebookers, Instagrammers and Pinterest-ers stick together and start bitching. Cheers!

14.2. MECA: Malaysia Ecommerce Aspirations

Closed Facebook Groups. 3,248 Members
Malaysia Ecommerce Aspirations - formerly known as the Unofficial Malaysia eCommerce Association (MECA)

14.3. Qdigital: Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Public Facebook Group. 2,443 Members.
Qdigital Group provide the online community to discuss and share on these digital marketing services: Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production and Business Directory.

14.4. QHealth Digital Marketing Group.

Public Facebook Group. 619 Members.
The QHealth Digital Marketing Group provide the online community that focused on the health niche to discuss and share on these health related digital marketing services: Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production and Business Directory.

14.5. Malaysian Indian Online Business Group.

Public Facebook Group. 37,846 Members.
online business platform for all malaysian indians

14.6. Open Coffee Club KL.

Public Facebook Group. 4,597 Members.
OpenCoffeeClubKL is a regular, open and informal meeting place for people involved in tech or e-commerce startups.

15. Malaysian Facebook Groups for Advertising

15.1. Facebook Free Ads.

Public Facebook Group. 270,578 members.

15.2. Advertise Here for Free (Malaysia).

Public Facebook Group. 13,395 Members.
Post Your Ads for free on this page and improve the business opportunities across malaysia ...truly asia....

15.3. Advertise Your Business, Pages, Groups (Singapore, Malaysia).

Public Facebook Group. 33,023 Members.
Welcome to post your business, groups, pages information.

15.4. Business & Referral Network Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 54,473 Members.

15.5. Marketplace Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 11,114 Members.
A Board where members can post their products, services, offers, promotions, events and updates.

16. Groups for Buying and Selling Products.

16.1. Shopping Group.

Closed Facebook Group. 502,825 Members.
Mostly in Chinese.

16.2. Shopping for Women.女性购物区.

Public Facebook Group. 232,999 Members

16.3. I Love Online Shopping.

Public Facebook Group. 91,558 Members.

16.4. Women Shopping Group. 女人小班.

Closed Facebook Group. 254,596 Members.

16.5. Kedai Jualan Online (OFFICIAL).

Closed Facebook Group. 707,957

16.6. Preloved Malaysia.

Closed Facebook Group. 36,888 Members.
Welcome to Preloved, if you love the mother earth, you'll love preloved. Selling/ Giving away preloved items is one of the most effective ways to recycle.

By doing so, you are cutting down on someone's expenses & turning down the items into unnecessary manufacturing.

17. Groups for Business & Networking

17.1. Affiliate Network Marketing in Asia.

Public Facebook Group. 51,078 Members.

17.2. Biz Networking Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 20,628 Members.
Our goal is to offer a networking environment to help you build new business relationships.
Biz Networking Malaysia, welcomes all business owners, professionals, sales people and managers seeking to begin or expand their business lead referrals.

17.3 Klang Valley Business Network - KL PJ SJ USJ DU DJ Klang Kajang Bangi.

Public Facebook Group. 14,187 Members.

17.4. Malaysian Business Social Club.

Closed Facebook Group. 10,171 Members.
This is a business networking & social club. The philosophy is members support members in their business endeavors and every member bring in referrals to enjoy buying from group members to support all members' businesses in the club.

17.5. Malaysian Business Web Network.

Closed Facebook Group. 10,237 Members.

17.6. Business Networking For You (Singapore, Malaysia).

Public Facebook Group. 3,274 Members.
Welcome to the group. Hope to meet all the business like minded people here. We can discuss, share, and meet up for more business opportunity.

17.7. Business Builders - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Public Facebook Group. 726 Members.
Let's meet new friends and make some great money together in Asia

17.8. Malaysian Indian Biz Network.

Public Facebook Group. 10,651 Members.
Our goal is to offer a networking environment to help Malaysian Indians in building new business relationships.
Malaysian Indian Biz Network, warmly welcomes all Indian business owners, professionals, sales people and managers seeking to begin or expand their business lead referrals.

17.9. Kelab Usahawan India.

Closed Facebook Group. 58,298 Members.
Our objective to open business platform which can develop our member business while sharing in

17.10. Kelab Usahawan Malaysia.

Closed Group. 5,922 Members.

17.11. Malaysia Business Networking Group.

Public Facebook Group. 1,055 Members.

17.12 Klang Chamber.

Closed Facebook Group. 1,319 Members.
We welcome posts in regard of business development, promotions, business particulars, entrepreneurship and sharing of business experiences and create business related events only.

The Klang Chamber group was established to share informations and business opportunities among it's members.

17.13. Malaysian Indian Business Networks.

Public Facebook Group. 10,733 Members.
this group created for promoting our business for motive to kindly upload and add your advertisement here.wish u all the best.

17.14. Startup Business.

Public Facebook Group. 2,577 Members.

17.15. Entrepreneur Success Asia.

Closed Facebook Group. 1,102 Members.
We are a community of real people who are free & amazing. We inspire each other to live life through our greatness.

17.16. Malaysia Entrepreneur Platform (MEP).

Closed Facebook Group. 5,999 Members.
Platform for ALL Malaysian Entrepreneurs.
We promote SMS Monetization for Entrepreneurs.
We Promote Digital Ebook Business
We organize Business Network Gathering

18. Groups for Wedding

18.1. Wedding Ideas in KL, PJ and Klang, Malaysia.

Public Facebook Group. 4,119 Members.
Welcome to Wedding Ideas. Members are welcome to share wedding ideas, your wedding experiences, bridal tips, wedding makeup, hairstyles, wedding dos and don'ts, bridal planning tips.

Wedding Vendors are encouraged to advertise your services here. Please make it in the form of Wedding Tips instead of flatly just advertising. Potential brides or grooms will trust you more this way.

Once you have posted, please add 30 friends (potentially getting married) to this group. PM me once you have done so, so that we can approve your ad onto our group.

19. Groups for Inspiration and Quotes.

19.1. Be Happy! Be Inspired!!

Closed Facebook Group. 7,036 Members.

19.2. Healing, Quotes and Humors.

Public Facebook Group. 1,986 Members

20. Groups for Humour

20.1. Fun and laughter.

Closed Facebook Group. 14,495 Members.

21. Groups for Green Environmentalists

21.1. Malaysian Greenbook.

Public Facebook Group. 3,968 Members.
The Malaysian Greenbook is a meeting place for all environmentalists and nature lovers to stay updated and discuss the latest environmental and conservation issues, news and events affecting the country.
Please note that while many of our members may be MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) members, this in not the official MNS Facebook page

22. Malaysian Facebook Groups for General Interest

22.1. Down Memory Lane.

Closed Facebook Group. 21,868 Members.
This is Down Memory Lane (DML). The Purpose of this group is for all members to rekindle their memories, to share our rich experiences of the past and to assist the coming generations towards a better future as Malaysians.

23. The Facebook Groups for Web Resources

23.1. Local Client Takeover.

Closed Facebook Group. 12,153 Members.
Local Client Takeover is for those that grow tired of the hype and want to learn, discuss, and improve upon their wealth generated from servicing local clients.

Using TESTED methods from over 400 clients that generate over 390k per month, we offer people solutions to achieving a sustainable living through procuring customers in local markets. Leverage our knowledge for your success. Welcome!

23.2. Online Marketing.

Public Facebook Group. 30,489 Members.
Hi All, Its online marketing group.. So please who's people join this group which are interested in Internet marketing or Learn Internet Marketing. Post here your valuable thoughts and share with everyone. I think its tips of increasing your knowledge.

23.3. Advertise Your Online Business, Facebook Groups, Pages Here For Free

Public Facebook Group. 69,473 Members.

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